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Helpful Baking Hacks

I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to change the way I do things in the kitchen! In this post, I’ve decided to try something new. Although I’m not baking anything today, I thought it would be helpful to share some of my favourite kitchen hacks!

Take a look at some my favourite tips/tricks below! 🙂


First and foremost…since my blog is all egg free, I wanted to start with common egg substitutions. If you’re looking for new and different ways to substitute the use of an egg, take a look at the chart above! I’ve personally worked with bananas, apple sauce, and peanut butter. These substitutes work great! However, they often leave a prominent taste in the baked good as opposed to other substitutes such as sour cream/egg replacer powder. As you can see, there are endless possibilities! I’m quite interested in trying out ground flax as I’ve read about its multiple health benefits.


Secondly,  we have conversions. Ever look at a recipe and struggle to understand the ratio of ingredients used? We’ve all been there before! This image displays useful conversions ranging from measuring cups to baking temperatures. It definitely comes in handy if you are only comfortable/familiar with one system.


Next we have different versions of a cookie! As you can see, altering just one ingredient has the ability to change both the physical appearance and texture of your baked good. A cookie that strictly uses granulated sugar will come out much lighter in appearance than a cookie that incorporates brown sugar!

If you ask me, the very last cookie in the bottom right corner looks the best! Chilling your dough can only benefit your baking. Refrigeration allows the ingredients to settle and form together. Chilling the dough is also a great benefit for those of you who are in a rush. You can simply prepare and chill the dough at your leisure and pop them in the oven at a later date when you would like to eat them.


A lot of the time, we find ourselves lacking certain ingredients that a recipe calls for. This awesome substitution diagram provides different ways to yield the same effect of common cooking/baking ingredients…..I’d have to say that I was very interested in trying the cornstarch substitution. Flour is a common household item, however corn starch is not. I recently made a chicken cream sauce that required 1tsp of cornstarch, and chose to use 2tsp of flour instead. The consistency of the sauce was just perfect!


Last but not least is this pan conversion chart! A lot of the time, we find that recipes require a specific type of baking pan. What happens if you don’t have that pan in your kitchen? To achieve the same baking results, you want to make sure that you use a pan that is equivalent to the required one. This diagram displays 3 very common cake pans alongside multiple equivalent pans that you can use instead!

These are just a few of my favourite tips and tricks that I use in the kitchen. I hope you all enjoyed! 🙂

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